October 21, 2014: The Sniper at the Old Red

Dealey Plaza is a powerful place.
The course of a nation changed here, innocence was lost. America entered into a cycle of Death and mistrust that it hasn’t recovered from.

I’m here investigating a sniper. Not a Lee Harvey sniper, this is a different breed.

We first caught wind of it when dozens of people reported memory loss. Specifically, loss of a singular memory. These people could tell you everything about themselves: their names, where they live, who the president was, the last thing they ate. But not a single one could remember where they were going at that moment.

Masses of people crowding in Dealey Plaza blocking traffic on Main Street from Houston Street to Market Street. All lost. Just standing still.

The sniper, apparently, is held up in the Old Red Museum of Dallas County. Hanging out of a window on the North-West corner of the museum, the sniper is targeting anyone who is waiting at the light to cross Main Street.

We aren’t sure how he is able to do this to people. Assassinating purpose, direction. – Anonymous Dallas Police Officer

They’ve blocked off a mile in each direction, trying to keep the madness from spreading.
Is it really madness though? The victims of the sniper are just milling around. Not hurting anyone, not hurting themselves. Some are sitting in the grass, eating from their packed lunches. Others laughing and talking.

The blood stained piece of the city has become a purely social gathering. No one taking photos, no one remembering what happened in November of 1963. Maybe the sniper is stealing the power from Dealey Square. From being known as the site of the Kennedy Assassination to being known as the crossroads where people forgot where they were going at lunchtime and just talked.

He threw a note out the window after we first arrived. He told us he was doing important business. He was helping the world, not forget, but to remember what was important – each other. I have orders to shoot as soon as I get a clear shot, but I do admire the man, however he’s pulling it off.
-Anonymous Dallas S.W.A.T.

Six minutes before 1pm, the crowd hears its first shot. The Police have taken down the sniper. The victims still stand around, they say they don’t remember where they need to go. But you can tell some of them just enjoy being here: feeling free for the first time.

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