October 23, 2014: Patomskiy in Montana

Craters have appeared over night in Montana.
Three giant craters, springing up along Otter Creek in Custer National Forest swallowed buildings, cars and the surrounding earth.

A call came through the offices when one of our sources intercepted a 9-1-1 call:

Oh my god…holes…giant holes…my car, it’s gone! My car. Where are they coming from?

Locals are baffled, law enforcement are trying their best to keep them at bay while emergency crews search the holes for any signs of life – for anyone unfortunate to be trapped down there.

Three people have been reported missing.

There are talks of monsters, UFOs, the government. Local scientists are talking about methane and other gases being the cause.

But, there is an unmistakable humming coming from the holes that seem to be drawing people near, calling to them.

At one point the humming was so intense, so deep in resonance, that people in the surrounded mile shat themselves. Some experienced hallucinations. One poor souls heart stopped for ten minutes. When he came back, however he did it, he only spoke Russian.

I’ve been able to get close, closer than most, by sneaking around the emergency crews. There are strange lights, green and red, blinking in the bottom of the darkness. I tried to capture them with my iPhone but the pictures came out grey and blurry.

No one is sure what is causing these holes to appear. While I write this up from my rental car (only three miles away from the first, and largest, hole) there are reports of more holes opening in the park. Custer National Forest seems to be disappearing.

The humming is getting louder. The further I drive away the more persistent it seems to get.
I don’t think I’ll be coming back to Montana for a follow-up story.

Update: Breaking News: The town of Sheridan, Wyoming (59 miles from the  smallest crater in Montana) has been swallowed completely by a new crater. 45 eye witnesses from a passing plane all claim to have seen a bubble of green light forming over the town before it sank into the Earth.

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