October 24, 2014: Black Hole in Central Park

It’s a bit cold to be sitting next to water, but temperature is doing strange things around here.
The waves in the Jackie Onassis Reservoir are growing larger and larger.

Laura is sitting there watching them.
I feel funny, my nose is starting to bleed, but the story must be told.

Laura has a tiny black hole in her brain.
She rides the carousel, while sucking up and spewing energy and mass.

She says it has grown smaller that when it first appeared. She continuously ate but never grew full. She only began to worry when she ate her dog.

I only have a few minutes before doctors and scientists show up to contain her.
She called me.
She wanted her story told before only God knows what will happen to her.

I grew up a normal person. Had average friends, a few boyfriends, made decent grades. I like to think my parents have always been proud of me. My dog loved me…I don’t know how this happened to my head. I wish it hadn’t…but I have seen some marvelous things.

The white van pulls into the park from East 85th St. Moving towards us carefully.

I can tell she’s scared. She has no idea what’s happening or will happen. No one does.
I think I’m just here to comfort her. She told me she’s read some of my articles and figured I’d seen enough strange things that I wouldn’t judge her.

I just woke up yesterday and I heard this strange low humming. I didn’t know where it was coming from at first. But then the humming got louder and my head started to hurt. Then I got really hungry. Then things started to happen around me.

The van is here and they are walking towards us. I can tell Laura is getting scared. The waves from the reservoir have reached close to the baseball diamond. Leaves and small rocks are starting to be pulled towards her.

I know that it’s my fault things are getting worse. I just don’t want them to take me away. What if they never let me go?

I try to say something to comfort her, but the wind is pulled from my lungs and I’m left, gasping for air as they lead her towards the van. One of them holds her hands behind her back and tries to zip tie them.
I see her scream, I only hear humming. They are trying to inject her with something as she struggles against them

It’s hard to live a normal life when you’re weird. Just weird. How could I live a normal life with this…thing…in my head?

The tidal force gets stronger and the paint on the van starts to crack and peel.
I’m trying to get away but it’s getting harder to walk.
Laura is on the ground, holding her knees to her chest, it looks like they have been able to inject her.
Things have calmed down and I’m running now.
My head starts to pound in waves and I know it’s because she’s crying.
Maybe I shouldn’t have left her.

I hear the van doors slam shut and tires throw gravel.
They are taking her away.

Right before they turn onto Madison Avenue I see the sides of the car pulls in and the windows shatter.

The reservoir has calmed down. It’s starting to get cold again. I can hear a breeze through the yellowing leaves.

A loud humming and I hear what has to be a car accident.

I make my way down Fifth Avenue, deleting the pictures I took of Laura until I have one left.
Laura, smiling with the corners of her mouth on the carousel. She’d want to be remembered like that.

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