November 13, 2014: The Last Night of the Grey Wolf

The murder beat never gets any easier.
I picked up a call that the Grey Wolf had been found, face down in a field, at the edge of Inwood Park.

I had never met the Grey Wolf. I’d only seen him a few times while investigating for articles. I’d certainly heard many stories.
He was New York’s very own protector, its first real, Batman-like superhero.

They had removed his mask before I got there. His face was bloody and bruised, but you can still make out who he was. I’d seen his face on posters plastered up in the city.

Shame. I saw him fight once. He was fast. Now, looks likes someone threw him off a building.

It turned out that the Grey Wolf was a semi-professional boxer. Famous in his neighbourhood. One of those kids-from-the-streets-making-a-good-name-for -himself-as-a-man kind of stories.

I never had a problem with him, you know? Some of the people on the force didn’t like him. Didn’t like what he was doing. Felt he was trying to do our job for us. But, I liked him. Every little bit helps sometimes, you know?

They tried to move his body but it bent in unnatural ways. Every bone seemed to be shattered.

No one had seen anything. There was no evidence for them to collect.
Just the body.

I remember hearing about him when I first moved here eight years ago. I never had a chance to do a story about him for Strange News. They had one person devoted to him. Now, he’s crossed over into my beat.
He was known for mostly stopping muggings. I’d seen him break up meetings on the docks downtown.
Really, he was just costumed muscle, trying to make his city a safer place.

The first time I saw him I was following leads of fairy sightings in Greenwich Village.
There was screaming coming from the alley alongside one of the bars. Two guys ran from the shadows, bloodied and obviously drunk. The Grey Wolf followed them out, wiping his hands on his front.
There was a woman behind him, collecting her things off the ground, mumbling thanks.
He just walked away. I don’t think he said a word. Not to them, not to the woman, certainly not to me.
He just did what he thought was his duty and left.

The EMT’s are zipping him up in a bag now.

The city feels less safe now.

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