November 14, 2014: Broken Hearts in Denver

Somebody found a heart on the side of the road early this morning.
Bloody and covered in dirt. It was still beating.

We followed the blood drips up East Colfax Ave, heading towards Bennett.
We caught up with him just outside of the Bennett city limits.
He was leaning against a telephone pole, trying to light a cigarette with bloodied matches.

Oh. You found my heart. I was wondering if someone would. Keep it.

He started walking again, West towards the Denver metropolitan area.

He’d been missing for two weeks.

He walked slowly. The front of his shirt torn open and stained. A giant, gaping hole in the center of his chest. Smoke slowly seeping out.
There was snow on the ground but it didn’t seem to bother him. He didn’t shiver.

I found a gateway. A special place in the mountains here.

We gave him a lift, interested in following his story.
30 Miles, through the Denver area and North to the Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge.

I loved her, you know? It was a special kind of love. Gaga love. But she got hurt, and I looked back, and now she’s gone.

He sang to himself the whole way. Sad songs. Low humming. It seemed to pacify him.

See this well? It’s almost four thousand miles deep. The military sealed all but seventy feet of it. They used to pour Basin F liquids in here. Pesticides and run off from their chemical weapons manufacturing.

Looking around you couldn’t see much of the military’s presence. Snow covered bushes, deer tracks. Nature doing it’s best to erase the memory of humans.

But what they don’t know is, the concrete couldn’t hold all of it, so as time went on the seal broke and the well just went deeper and deeper. Now it’s the only gateway to the underworld in America.

We watched as he climbed into well. Smoke still slipping from the hole in his chest.
He smiled and gave a little wave.

I’m going to go find her. This time, though, I’ll keep my eyes straight. I’ve learned my lesson.

He sank. Within minutes he was gone from view.
The wind grew colder. We could hear a humming coupled with sobbing.
The decent to the underworld looked dark and cold.

I threw his half smoked cigarette into the water after him and watched as some force pulled it down.


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