November 19, 2014: Velvet Humans

Residents of apartments located on the corner of Spring Street and Wooster Street in lower Manhattan are shimmering.
Most are shimmering. Some aren’t as lucky.

It looks like the velvet disease. They call it  Gold Dust disease. But, really, I’ve only seen it in fish. How humans got it, I have no idea.

Some of the residents can be seen running up and down their hallways, rubbing up against the wall. Layers of their skin peeling off, leaving black streaks.

Some are holding themselves tightly, shivering and gasping for air – their skin illuminated under fluorescent lights.

The CDC followed a strange humming to the roof of the building.
Inside the buildings water tower they found a mermaid, dead, covered in black spots looking like she’d been rolled in gold dust.

The parasite traveled from the water tower into the residents showers and drinking water.

They’ve sealed off the building, allowing only CDC personnel in proper attire to enter or exit.
You can see through the plastic bubble to the people standing at the windows. Their eyes filming over and their skin becoming scaly, covered in a black slime.

They stowed the mermaid body in the back of a windowless van. Taking it for further testing.
I watched as they loaded her into a small tank. She looked familiar. Maybe one of the mermaids from Brooklyn.

Questioning the CDC and the police, the landlord and some of the tenants I was able to reach, I still don’t know how she ended up in the water tower.

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