December 3, 2014: Badass Takes No Shit and Stops Idiot Driving

According to some quickly found statistics, nearly half of the car crashes last year were hit and runs.
A good chunk of those were fatal.

Unfortunately, not all of those people could be like Aadya.

Aadya was crossing through Sherman Circle Park when a car coming down Crittenden Street  failed to stop and plowed right into her.

Normally Aadya would have joined the statistic – but Aadya is not normal.

According to eye witnesses, the car seemed to speed up at the stop sign. Aadya was already in the middle of the road and the car hit her, and crumpled.

It just ran right into her. Full speed. But, she didn’t even flinch. Just stood there, like the car was nothing but a feather. And, boy, was she pissed.

If you look in the trees between Kansas Avenue and Crittenden Street you’ll find pieces of the car’s engine.

She just punched through the hood, grabbed some part of the engine, and threw the whole thing into the air. It was crazy to watch. What do those things weigh, like, 300 pounds?

Emergency crews are clearing the wreckage.

Aadya sits in the back of an ambulance being looked over by E.M.T.s.

We all have strength like that inside of ourselves. I know, I know…I just got hit by a car and threw it’s engine…but, so what? That fucker could have killed me.

She sips coffee and runs her finger tips over the tear in her jeans.

They’re probably going to call me crazy, you know? I can just see the headlines: Barbaric Woman Destroys Car! She-Hulk In DC! Brawn Before Beauty: Woman Hit By Car Fights Back.

I shake my head, and can’t help but laugh.

If this was a movie I’d be the token “strong female character.” But, fuck, I’m just a woman who didn’t want to get killed by an idiot, is that so much to ask?

I ask her what she wants the headline to read.

You know…I want it to say: Badass Takes No Shit and Stops Idiot Driving.


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