December 9, 2014: Beware the Krampus

Greenpoint, Brooklyn-
Kids have been snatched from their beds in the middle of the night.
As of last report, a total of twenty-five children are missing.

The only signs of evidence that the police can find are hoof prints on the roofs of the buildings.

Neighbours say they witnessed a demon looking creature with a large sack running along the buildings.

Man, it was ugly. Looked like some demon super goat. Saw it running around on top of the buildings with a big sack on it’s back. I bet that’s what was taking those kids. Monster…

Down Kent St, from McGuinness to the East River you can hear parents calling for their children, wailing and yelling and running up and down the street.

I head East, away from the gathering crowds towards the river. Following the hoof prints in the grass.
On the edge of Transmitter Park I see him.

He’s looking out over the water, a line of children tied together standing next to him.
Elves in candy striped clothes are checking names off of a giant list.

These are the bad children. It’s just the way the world works, you know. The boss brings the good ones toys and he sends the Krampus after the rest.
I don’t know what happens to them. We check their names off, put them in the sled and then they fly off.

The children obediently board the waiting sleigh with the Krampus climbing in after them.

The elves look around, making sure they have everyone. One of them stops and stares at a window high up in an apartment building.

I think I’ve been there before. Looks familiar…it’s a strange memory. It makes me sad. Elves aren’t supposed to feel sadness…

A face appears in the window, a little girl, she waves at the elf and he perks right up and waves back.

The elves take off with the children and the Krampus. The sleigh effortlessly rising into the sky.

I start North and turn down India Street. Candles flicker in the windows of kids rooms. Lone flames reaching out for a lost child.


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