December 12, 2014: The Saint on Broadway

There is a one man parade happening downtown today.
He started at Bowling Green and is making his way up Broadway through the Canyon of Heroes.

He’s dressed in a simple black robe, ashes falling from the sky around him like confetti. His head, cradled in his hands, is humming softly.

He has gained a following, people bending low to touch the ground he’s walked on. Others touching his robe and saying prayers.

True conversion is done through compassion. True change is brought by love.

His head spews sound bites and status updates.

Walking up Broadway. Wish I brought a coat. So not ready for winter!

I’ve invited you to play Slot-o-Matic online poker!

Flowers sprout from the cracks in the street as he walks over them.

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Feeling amused.

There is only one true God, and that god is…friend request denied. You have one new message.

He stumbled up the street, passing the bronze bull. Tourists and morning commuters taking pictures of him with their phones.

Six miles to freedom. Six miles are all it takes to spread love and joy and happiness.

They followed him from Bowling Green to the Museum of Natural History. Exactly six miles.
They say he performed three miracles along the way.

He stopped at the front of the museum, placing his head at his feet. He crossed himself and held his hands towards the sky. Then he fell and the head went back to humming.


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