Je Suis Charlie


It’s strange, that in a certain light, it’s tough to criticize.
There is no doubt that what happened in Paris is horrible.
I’ve seen an out pouring of support for the cartoonists and editors and all of the Charlie Hedbo people and the police.
And that’s great. We must stand by our fellow humans in times of tragedy.
I’ve also seen some horrible political cartoons…I strain to use the words cartoon and political.
The cartoons are gross. Flat out racist and disgusting.
You can show your support, in fact, please do. I did.
But, don’t lose sight of humanity. Charlie Hedbo was targeted because of their (frankly quite awful and disgusting) political cartoons that painted Arabs/Muslims as savage caricatures. Everyone should be allowed to express themselves, but with that in mind, they open themselves up to criticism and offense.
What happened in Paris was wrong. 100% wrong.
But, please, mourn the losses, express your pain and sadness – but please, do not throw the weight of racism around, do not help to further widen this xenophobic gap.
The dialogue is open, we are all humans – treat each other like humans and we shall find the road to peace.

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