January 8, 2015: Zerzura in Arizona

The train flew through Benson, Arizona.
Standing next to the tracks on North San Pedro Street stood a man out-of-place.

He walked slowly into town, unsure of his steps, dressed in a flight uniform.

I found it. I finally found it. Years and years of searching and I finally found the White City.

Behind him where Pearl Street should have been shimmered a desert oasis with a giant, white temple.

It took years, but we finally found it. The treasures, the women, the food. It’s glorious.

He screamed his discoveries in a thick Hungarian accent.

Two giant men made out of what looked like ebony came running down San Pedro Street towards the screaming man.
They grabbed him in their stone hands and began to pull him back towards the shimmering city.

Please…just let me tell someone. I spent my life looking for it..please. Let me tell them that Laszlo found it. Then you can take me away.

The giants pulled him away. Dust began to swirl and another train flew by.

We watched the train, counting the cars, trying to see through to the other side.

The train was gone. The dust settled.

The shimmering city was no longer there.

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