January 9, 2015: Corpse Posing

A new cult has appeared in Queens.
The Shavasana of Houdini.

Even though the magician has been dead for 88 years, the followers of the Shavasana of Houdini cult still believe the man will rise from the grave.

He’s not dead. He knew the secret of immortality. This is part of it. It’s the Shavasana state. The corpse pose. He must go through a death and when he awakes he will be like unto God.

Numerous societies of magicians have been outspoken about the rise of the new cult.

It’s not a magic trick. Houdini is dead. He will not be returning from the grave. He spent his life against the afterlife, if he’s finally found it, there is no way he’s returning. This is not an elaborate escape act.

Even though it’s snowing the cult is gathering around the grave of Houdini. They’ve brought flowers, trashcan fires, and are holding hands in a group meditation. Through collective single-thought they are trying to push him into waking up.

When he wakes up it he will be the new messiah. Defying death and returning to the world.

They have a Kraft food table set up on the edge of the cemetery.

Recent reports show a rise in cults based around the dead, especially dead celebrities.
The Westwood Village cemetery in Hollywood is already overflowing with cults.
Eight people dressed as Marilyn Monroe and two dressed as Roy Orbison have been arrested for trying to open the graves.


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