January 15, 2015: Door County Cold

Last night the temperature in Door County, Wisconsin dropped to -196°C.
The surrounding waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan have come to a halt, frozen waves trapping ships and animals.

I don’t know if anyone is alive in there or not. The roads have been blocked off and the military isn’t letting anyone near.

The army has arrived, scanning for any body heat or radiation. They are not letting anyone into the county. Roadblocks on Highway 42 have appeared as far south as Algoma.

The army has made their way from Sturgeon Bay to Ellis Bay reporting no signs of life outside. There is a thick layer of ice on all surfaces. Two scientists have taken samples.

Scientists have confirmed that the ice is a living organism. A symbiote that feeds off of heat that is released by other organisms.

Three scientists have been contaminated. The CDC has set up emergency tents to stop the ice from spreading through their bodies.

Life has been found. The army was able to break into a house on Cottage Row in Fish Creek. The people under the ice seem to have entered a kind of hyper-sleep while the ice organism feeds of their residual heat.

The ice seems to be pulling away towards the ocean. The CDC and the army worked nonstop to try to free as many people from the ice as they could.

The ice has receded and is now only covering Washington Island and parts of the Mink River Estuary.

The army has cleared any remaining pieces of the ice organism. Using flamethrowers and salt they been able to rescue nearly 78% of the Door County Population.

A giant iceberg has formed in Lake Michigan and is headed towards the state line.

Yeah…we don’t know what the hell that was. I’m just glad it’s left here. Let Michigan deal with it now.

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