January 16, 2015: The Palug Cath

I don’t sleep well. I rarely dream.
When I do dream, I usually fall into the realm of nightmares. Night terrors.
It’s hard to breathe, a weight on the my chest.

Last night I felt the weight.
Instead of screaming awake, I just opened my eyes.
There it was, a giant cat sitting on me, looking down.

Ah, he wakes at last.

The cat smiled and shifted, keeping his eyes on me.

I’ve been watching you. Every night. I’m the king eater, touched by the devil. I’ve come to show you the distant lands.

He leaned forward and pressed his forehead against mine. His eyes were wide and yellow. I could see his tail twitching.

Have you ever looked into the eyes of a cat? Really looked into them? You’d be amazed what secrets you can find there.

In his eyes I saw swirling oceans and England’s lost king. I saw witches dancing and newborns crying out. I saw car accidents and birthday parties. I saw other worlds, Hell, fairies and myself.

He began to purr and moved to the foot of the bed, cleaning the three long hairs on the tip of his tail.

Now you see how the world really is.

I was finally able to speak. I asked him what he wanted from me, why he chose to show me those things, why was he watching me. Of course, being a cat, he didn’t give any clear answers.

By the by, what became of the baby? I nearly forgot to ask.

With that he grinned and slowly faded into the shadows.
I heard a splash, and then all was emptiness.

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