January 20, 2015: In Bocca al Lupo

The man is a walking calamity.
Mr. Magoo with a stroke of luck and a death wish.

I followed him as he weaved in an and out of morning rush hour traffic.
He screams to me over his shoulder.

I’ve been married three times! Three times! And five children! Can you believe that luck?

He walks on cars and spins around a light post.

People on the sidewalk leap out of his way. Cars come to a halt.

He’s caused four accidents somehow.

You have to walk with clarity of purpose. Determination. You cannot let the world get in your way.

Some cultures believe there is only a finite amount of luck in the world. If you find yourself experiencing bad luck, it may be because someone out there has taken your portion of luck for themselves.
Luck is fluid, transient.

Charlie Blonde here, finding money on the sidewalk, dodging cars, catching falling birds is leaving a wake of destruction behind him.

It’s as simple as grabbing luck out of the air! You just follow its trail, let it guide you and you will be amazed at where it takes you.

Total Car Crashes in the last hour: 56.
Deaths: 158.

You can’t preoccupy your mind with consequences. It’s a flow thing. Fluid. Like water. You go through obstacles, around them, over them. Let nothing stop you. It’s as simple as that.

He’s up, running on a fence. I hear someone calling for a lost dog.

He’s calamity. A force for bad luck. A curse.
But to him. he’s just free and running and lucky. He’s taking the moment for granted, biding his time until all the luck that he has taken in is pulled away and given to someone else.


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