January 28. 2015: Camel

Reports of a missing camel are coming through.

Don’t try to understand it.
A camel + New York + Winter…that doesn’t equal much sense. But, what does these days anyways?

Ah, it was bound to happen one day. I bet the beast is blind.

Hundreds of people are out in the snow looking for the camel.

I bet there’s a big reward if you find it. Someone who has a camel in this place…man, they gotta have a lot of money!

People are following tracks, digging through clumps of half chewed grass.

Around 8:30am a report came through that two people had been arrested for camel theft.

We didn’t steal anything! We just knew things about it…like it being blind. It has to be! What kind of camel do you know starts wandering around New York City?

They were released thirty minutes later when the camel was finally found.

The camel was found with three little boys on its back, walking East on 23rd Street.

The boys seemed un-phased by the cold. They chattered back and forth with young smiles and high laughter.

We just found it! It let us climb on! We’ve been walking for hoooooours!

This is by far the coolest horse in the world.

It totally spat on me! How cool is that?

Relieved, the owner of the camel gave each of the boys one hundred dollars.

It’s the least I could do. They found my camel and took good care of him. They’re like little princes, those three.

After everyone left and the camel was safely home, the boys gathered around each other deciding what to spend their reward money on.

I say we steal the camel again.

Yeah! We might get another reward!

Oh! Let’s steal something else! I bet someone has a tiger somewhere. They’d pay more for that than a camel!

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