January 30, 2015: Overruled by Fate

The man stands in front of me, dripping and shivering.
His eyes are clouded, constantly searching around him.

I can’t find the lamp from the tower. I search and search, but all is black and cold.

The wind is blowing the snow again. He pulls his clothes tighter around him, trying to block out the morning cold.

We stand on the Chelsea Piers, looking out onto the morning cloud covered water.

All rivers are one river…

All rivers drag me down…

I know, if I could just get across…

I look out over the Hudson River towards Hoboken, wondering what could be over there that he wants to cross the river so badly.

Love is not full of pity.

It’s cruel. Deaf.

He climbs down the pier into the water, the grey waves contrasting his pale bluish skin.

He seems to struggle. I offer to help him, holding my hand out.
He shakes his head.

None but the gods have power…

But, I’m a poor lover that’s been betrayed…

He begins swimming West towards New Jersey.
The waves reach over him, landing on his back.

The waves look almost like a hand reaching up, bringing him down into the river.

I stay and watch. Waiting to see if he will resurface.

A light flickers across the river, high up.
The wind brings the scent of perfume and tears.


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