February 5, 2015: #47782

Known fact: A nuclear bomb was lost near Savannah, GA 57 years ago.
Unknown fact: The nuclear bomb is not hidden in the Wassaw Sound.
It’s in the backyard of the D’Ann family.

In February of 1958 a B-47 bomber flying a simulated combat mission collided with an F-86. Fearing the worst, the pilot jettisoned their cargo (a 7,600 pound Mark 15 Nuclear Bomb) towards the waters around Tybee Island.

The pilots reported not hearing the bomb explode. Which is good. But all reports of the bombs whereabouts have been wrong.

Mr. D’Ann was drinking his coffee on the patio of his house at the end of Elmsford Ct. when an eleven foot, 2 and a half ton weapon fell into his back yard.

I had no idea what it was. We were just married. I was twenty-three. We had been living here two months when that damn thing just fell from the sky.

At first…well, it scared us. Thought maybe it was aliens coming to get us, you know? We left it alone for a long while. Maybe two years? Just watching it, waiting for it to open and let some bug creature from Mars out to get us.

Now, they have it covered in paint and Christmas lights. They use it to throw 3.8 Megatons of shade by their backyard pool.

I nearly had a heart attack when I found out what it actually was. A bomb! Can you believe that? Twenty-three year old me could have been blown sky-high!

They’ve had this bomb in their yard for 57 years now, and they aren’t in a hurry to get rid of it.

Ah, we’re used to it now. It’s become part of the house. We decorate it for the holidays. In the beginning we charged people to have their pictures taken with the alien space ship.

We called the police when it first fell. But they never sent anyone out. I guess they didn’t believe us. So we just…let it be after that.

The bomb emits a little warmth. An aura of heat. The D’Ann’s have set up a little table with chairs there so they can enjoy their coffees and newspapers when the winter mornings are a little on the chilly side.

We try not to think about anything bad…radiation, or it suddenly going off. One time we heard a clicking coming from inside it and thought it was going to go right off.

But…like we said. It’s part of the house. We just treat it with respect and it stays un-blown up. What else could we do?


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