February 17, 2015: White Cat, Black Cat

I had seen the black cat before.
He’s hard to miss. He’s huge.
The Cath Palug.
He had confronted me once a month ago. Woken me up.
For reasons, I’m still unsure of.

Now, I watch as he prowls the streets with an equally large and intimidating white cat.

Ah, you again. I’m not that surprised to see you, actually. Always pegged you as the type to prowl around with the likes of us.

The white cat climbs up the side of a building, peering in windows.
He moves silently through the snow and over brick.
Ears back. Tail straight.
He’s hunting.

It’s best not to watch that one. Never trust the white ones. They are never up to any good.

We watch him scale the building, sniffing around window ledges and air conditioning units.
The hairs on his back bristle and he stops.

Prepare yourself. This is not a sound you are soon to forget.

The cat slips through the window, glass and all, without a sound.
The Cath Palug and I wait.
The snow falls, the city is quiet.

Then a wail. A shriek.
A woman cries out and it feels like Heaven is going to come down on our heads.

The white cat reappears. He licks a drop of blood from his paw and we continue walking.

People think I’m the bad omen. I’m okay with that, really. But it’s that one that you really have to watch out for. The white cat. Pray no one you know ever has a visit from him.

The black cat darts off and climbs a building, hunting, disappearing into a window.

The Cath Palug ever ask you about the baby?

He does that, don’t worry. Mostly he’s just trying to confuse people by quoting Alice in Wonderland.

He and I are very similar. No one remembers me. It’s easier for them, I think.

We hunt out the future of your race. The children not yet born.

Not everyone gets a chance at this life. It’s a hard job. I’m not proud of my work. But it’s work for the better of things.

The Cath Palug rejoins us.

We walk down the street, a giant cat on either side of me, their ears move and tails twitch as they decide fate.

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