February 25, 2015: Cages

She stands tall, strong, chipping away at something on her chest.
It looks like armor.
Jagged, black, sparks flew each time she struck it.

I need to be rid of this. I’ve tried so many different things. So many varieties and nothing…it remains here. More of a cage than a shield.

Furiously beating her chest, black shards flying and falling.
A crack, the sounds of thunder, the black rock falls from her.

Her ribs now exposed. A sleek, volcanic looking black rock covers her rib cage, diamonds run down her sternum.

I think I built this myself. Protection.

You ever feel like everyone is coming at you? Just charging and attacking, and you can’t explain why?

She runs her fingers over her rib cage. It squeaks quietly, like glass.
Her fingertips move over divots and scars, marks from daggers and spears, poison arrows and other attacks.

She stands proud, admiring her sleek armor. She reminds me of the girl who hides her heart on the opposite side, a sad but deep beauty.

She raises her eyebrow and grins, giving me a “you won’t believe your eyes when you see what’s about to happen” kind of look.
I put my hand on her ribs. At first they were cool to the touch.
She winks.
Her ribs begin to warm, a glow emanates across her chest.

She doubles over. In pain.

This is the tough part – the part that always hurts.
Letting yourself be open…vulnerable…who really wants that, right?

You just have to be clever about it. Smart. Let yourself be vulnerable, but by choice, within reason.

I step away as she lowers herself to the ground, her back arching towards the sky.
It sounds like silk ripping.
Her spine stretches and beams of light pierce out through her skin.
She closes her eyes and clenches her teeth.

The ripping continues.

Her back is now open, emanating a bright light. She smiles up at me.

Always protect yourself, yes. But you still need to be vulnerable. You still need to be able to love and be loved.
Protect your front, let those that walk beside you protect you.

You don’t always need armor.

She stands back up, stretches and lets out a half yawn – half laugh.

Her ribs shimmer in the light, pools of blacks and diamonds.
She’s haloed. Light bending around her like a stained glass window.

Just give me a reason to feel…that’s all it takes.

The light fades to a glow, embers resting behind her ribs.
She smiles, turns and walks away, a rainbow spilling down her back.


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