March 3, 2015: Fire

He smells of smoke.
His clothes are blackened, singed holes showing pink skin.
He’s out of breath.

Heat is radiating from his body and I can’t tell whether he is smiling or grimacing in pain.

I offer him help.

Can you catch fire? Can you handle the burning of creation and destruction?

A loud screeching noise. We both turn our heads to look at the bird perched on a traffic light, flames licking at its red feathers.

I need to catch that bird. It’s really the key to everything.

He lunges after it, climbing onto cars trying to reach the traffic light.
The bird flaps its wings, spraying sparks, and takes off.

Why is he chasing it?

For love! For life!

Imagine your heart…imagine it’s an egg. An egg inside of a duck. Inside of a rabbit. Inside of a stone chest.

As long as your heart is hidden away…you’re okay, nothing can harm you.

But eventually it needs to be freed. Your heart needs to be destroyed so you can move forward. Grow.

The bird is flying in circles over our heads. A buzzard in flames.

He grows shy. I can see the embarrassment on his cheeks, adding a red hint to the ash grey.

See…I met this woman. She’s a princess. Most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid my eyes on. I know it’s love…even without my heart. So I need to burn. Burn my heart, destroy, rise up and rise with her.

He speaks passionately but his eyes are searching for the bird.

The bird is the key. It’s the ignition, the flame…the key to the stone chest.

In the distance I hear the bird. A chromatic scale growing fainter and fainter, in time with my heart beat and his breathing.

I must set fire to all that I have, all that I am.

It’s the only way to move forward in the right direction.

I’m in love and everything must burn.

He starts off again, the bird flying high and away. He climbs on cars and swings on street lights.

It sounds like they are both laughing.


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