Art Sale!!

Everything must go!!
I used to draw daily for my old blog…go check it out…www/
Every drawing that is posted there can be yours for lets say…$10 each, no shipping (unless you’re over seas).

Everything is available except for the Wonder Woman’s Boyfriend pages.
If you don’t find anything you want, I’ll do an original commission for you for $15 black and white, $25 full color. All pages are about 10×13, give or take.

Transactions will be done through Paypal.
Just tell me the one(s) you’d like and I’ll email you the Paypal request for funds the same day I the art out, which will more than likely be on Saturdays.

Any help would be great, and come on…who doesn’t like art? Right? Have a look and tell your friends!

Just leave a comment below, or on the piece that you want, or email me at lriley17 (at) hotmail (dot) com.


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