March 25, 2015: Rooms and Keys

The house is huge.
Perfectly manicured lawn.
At least five cars in the driveway.
News vans are lined on the street.
Police are pushing onlookers away.
The smell of iron and dust hangs heavy in the air.

I flash my press card but the police push me away.
I go around to the back where there are no police and climb the fence.

The backdoor is locked and I quietly enter through the patio door.
The entire place is a dark red, almost brown.
It looks like dried blood.
Sheets are spread out all over the floor and the stairs, some are hanging from hooks. You can tell just by looking what’s under them. Nothing else has a shape like that.

Don’t go into that room. You’re bold, but don’t be too bold.

I turn around. Standing in front of me is a beautiful, young woman, her hands stained red.
Behind her is another, a younger, woman, looking over her shoulder.

There were rumours…the whole town knew them. But I went with him anyways.
I don’t believe in ghost stories or fairy tales so I thought people were being unjust. Cruel, as people tend to be.
Then I opened that room.
I shouldn’t have. He asked me not to open it.

She begins to shake and the younger woman ushers her away down the hall.

Hanging on the walls are numerous tapestries depicted foxes hunting chickens and other small animals.

I opened the door to the room I was warned away from. A key lay on the ground, covered in blood.
Inside…I can’t even…I won’t describe it.
I’m sure one of the other news sources will have photographs.
But I won’t subject you to that.
It wouldn’t be decent.

I wanted to leave the house immediately, but I needed to speak to the woman again.
I found her, and who turned out to be her sister, huddled in a sparsely furnished bedroom.

I don’t know why he does it…did it.
I recognized two of them…I went to school with them.
He killed all of us.


I don’t know…I don’t know how to explain it.
As soon as he found out I was pregnant he came after me.
I don’t know why…or how…I’m alive.
Something brought me back.
Something brought me and the baby back from darkness.

Looking out the window, down at the now red filled pool.
A headless man floats there.

He was a monster.
He was marked.

We had to kill him…we couldn’t let him do that to anyone else.

A detective discovers me inside the house and roughly marches me out the door until I am behind the police tape.

As I walk away from the house I hear a prayer to Sainte Tryphine being whispered somewhere on the breeze.

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