April 1, 2015: Misrule

Today is the day the world seems to go to Hell.
Twenty-four hours of lies and paranoia.
The Lord of Misrule has reared his head.

I’ve been entrusted with delivering a very important letter.
Today of all days – I’d much rather stay inside.

There’s something in the air today. It feels like Puck has been let loose. Coyote waiting for the perfect person in need of a life lesson that will leave them humiliated and devastated. Anansi weaving a story about your follies.

I tried to deliver the letter, but the doorman to the building turned me away – telling me Mr. Aubrey had to leave in a rush and requested that I meet him downtown to deliver the letter.

Hurrying downtown I finally find Mr. Aubrey and hand him the letter.

Oh, I’m terribly sorry. Looks like they gave you the wrong letter. This needs to go to Mr. Chantclear.

Mr. Aubrey called ahead for me, notifying me that the correct recipient was in Brooklyn.

Fighting my way off of a crowded subway and out onto the street I’m gripped by fear. I see shadows following me but no one is around.
Strange sounds.

Mr. Chantclear is waiting for me.
I hand him the letter, the sense of unease still prickling my spine.
He opens it and reads it and lets out a little laugh.

I’m so sorry, I’m not sure why they told you this was for me.
I could have used this information last week.
The person that really needs this letter is Ms. Gowk near Bryant Park.

Fighting my way back to Manhattan the train is packed and smells of sulfur.
Everyone’s eyes are on me, watching my every move like a wolf in a zoo, waiting for me to do tricks.

I get off at Bryant Park and realize that I don’t have the address for Ms. Gowk.
No phone number, nothing.

From down the street I hear someone calling out, hawking tickets to watch the annual washing of the lions in front of the Public Lions.

I sit on the steps, below the lions and thumb the letter.
I sigh. Take a deep breath and open  the envelope.

Just a picture of a fish and underneath it in very fine, very concise print it says;

Send the fool on…

What a day.


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