April 13, 2015: Humming

She moves quickly. Foot to foot. Humming.
Her clothes are bright and ripple in the sun.
She takes a sip of her water and licks her lips.

I’m always thirsty. All of this constant moving around. Here and there. Back and forth.
It makes me dizzy.
But, don’t get me wrong. I do love it.

I’m getting dizzy just watching her.
Her clothes are scorched at the hems and up her sleeves. She’s had a busy few days.
She hums and hops around me. I’ve given up trying to keep an eye on her.

I had to put out a fire once. A giant fire. I mean, huge! Had lava and everything.
Took forever. Some clouds. A rainbow.
But I put it out.
One of my claims to fame.

She laughs and bounces around. One foot. Then the other.
She hums and collects little glowing balls and puts them in her pocket.

She doesn’t take all of them. It’s hard to notice at first, with her speeding about, but sometimes you can catch a glimpse of her inspecting them. Sizing them up. She selects just the right ones.

These are very special. Very nice.
Not everyone can be chosen.
Its not an easy job. You see how fast they move. And how fast I have to move!
Quick judgement. No time to be wrong or second guess.
Sometimes you just have to trust your gut.

She’s collecting souls. Stopping them from moving towards the afterlife. She brings them back into the cycle, allowing them to be born again quickly. Special souls, she tells me.

Like a queen blessing her subjects she moves around the glowing orbs, caressing them as if they were freshly grown flowers.

She smiles and I smell something sweet on the breeze. A mix of roses and honey.

Her clothes reflect light, throwing green and blues in all directions, spreading life, love and rebirth.

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