April 22, 2015: Storm Cloud

Some people spend their whole lives searching for inner peace.
They meditate, go to the desert, try to find themselves in the jungle.
Many try and try but never reach that stillness, that zen, that they long for.

Joe, though, he seems to have it all figured out.

He sits in the morning sun with a jar in his hands.
The jar holds an angry, swirling storm cloud.

You just have to come to a certain realization.
Some things you are meant for, some you aren’t.
You cannot try to live a life that is not yours.

He has a slight smile, his hair sticks out from under his hat.

I used to fight against my life.
Always trying to change my circumstances.
I captured this cloud…and, yes, it brought me happiness.
But it didn’t feel genuine.
It didn’t feel like me.

The storm cloud rages in the jar. It flashes with lightning and I can hear the muffled sound of tiny thunder.

My cloud is usually free. Out and about.
I like to capture it every now and then.
A little bit of peace among the storms.

See…that’s what I’ve learned. That’s the secret.
Peace…true peace…inner peace…
You can’t always find it.
But, you can always create it.

Find that place. Read that book.
Be with that person who you can be in complete silence with and be happy just to be near her.

There isn’t always peace in life. So, sometimes, we have to make our own.

He adjusts his hat, stands up, and opens the jar.
The cloud rushes out with a popping noise and immediately begins to rain on his head.

All around I hear yells and screams. A car accident. A bird runs into a window.
Someone in a business suit spills his coffee in his lap.
Joe, hunched under his singular downpour, gives me a little wave as he walks away.

A smile on his face, catching rain drops on his tongue.


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