May 7, 2015: The Revenge Specialist

The spy and I sit in the living room.
He’s drinking brandy and smoking cigarettes. He pulls a face after each drag.

Not my usual brand.But I’ll smoke his cigarettes and drink his brandy and mess up the bed they’ve chosen together.

I don’t know why I’m here, other than he invited me. He wanted to explain his operation.

I do all of this, just hoping to be caught. Hoping that they’ll walk in on me.
I want them to come home unexpectedly one afternoon and just catch me going at it in the living room.

Revenge…it’s a science. You can’t just shag someone’s wife and ruin their life. You have to know all about them…get into their head.

You see…I spy for a living, but I specialize in revenge.
And revenge, really, comes down to me taking away the things that will cause the most pain.

He lights another cigarette and pours more brandy into our glasses.
I ask him why he does this, why he’s so good at it.
He shrugs, says it’s just the way it is. Just the way he is.

We sit facing the big windows in the living room. He has the blinds open slightly so he can watch the street.

I’ve studied his mind. I know how he thinks. He’s a lot like me. But he’s a swine. He took a year in Provence. He can shove it up his arse. I’ve been sleeping with his wife for the past sixteen weeks.

I give her promises. Promise to take her away from all this sickness, these dinner parties and champagne.

I try not to let my mask slip. Try not to hurry.
I make notes in my head.

He smiles slightly. It’s the first sign of emotion he’s expressed. It sounds like he’s bragging, his words feel like they should ring of false bravado.
Instead he delivers everything in a quiet, dead voice. Staring out the window, mechanically smoking and drinking.
It’s a job.
You can see he takes no pleasure in what he’s doing, or in what he does.

He’s a specialist, but to him, revenge is just a job.

A car pulls into the driveway. He points me towards the backdoor.
As I’m leaving I hear him whispering to the woman:

I spy the chance to change the world…to change your world. I’ll hold your body and make it sing again.

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