May 8, 2015: Op-Ed

No! “Peanut butter and bagels” does not qualify as a sexual orientation!

That was the last thing he yelled before being arrested.

He had been standing on the corner all morning, yelling at people as they walked by.

At first, people just shrugged it off. Another nutter yelling nonsense on the street. There’s plenty of them, so this guy wasn’t special.
Except, as people discovered, he was responding to people’s thoughts.

Yes. That strange taste in your mouth is caused by your own smell. I don’t know what you’ve been doing, but it’s disgusting. Respect yourself.

Most people seemed too embarrassed to say anything to him.
Some just laughed.
When he called out someone, who turned out to be a politician, on cheating on his wife with the butcher down the street a fight broke out.

Unfortunately, modern society has no place for the outspoken truth.

The man was arrested. Sources say the politician is pressing charges. Slander, of all things.


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