May 14, 2015: Lotus Eating

Why are we weighed upon with heaviness and utterly consumed with sharp distress?

Time pushes forward and yet it’s so tempting to resist.

I’ve stopped and have been standing in the same square foot of sidewalk for nearly thirty minutes.
Standing still – watching, listening as the world flows by me.
People changing with every blink.
Images spliced together in grainy 33mm film.

I’m overcome by a dreamful ease.

Clouds move at their own pace. Birds dive and swoop.
It’s only the people who are eager to join time as it fades into the past.

I stand still and watch, listen, and feel a change happening.
I look around again.
I smile.
I start walking at my own pace leaving behind the past, focused on the present, moving ever towards the future.
I’m walking, but I will wander no more.

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