May 19, 2015: I Will Wade Out

The field reaches before me like an ocean.
I wade into it…

………………….feeling the flowers brush against my legs, leaving pollen stains on my pants.

My tongue burns as I eat the sun. Feeling its warmth

………soothes my throat and spread across my chest, kick starting my heart into emotional overdrive.

I close my eyes, feeling alive, and I run.
……….dashing through darkness.
…crashing against the curves of my body, forcing myself awake
…from the slumber I have been in.

I can already feel my fingers begin to master the weavings of my Universe
…I believe in mermaids
…I will solve the mystery of myself
And I will rise again. New.

I run with my eyes closed, feeling the world spin beneath my feet
When I open my eyes
I know I will see flowers
and I
Will sink
My teeth into the silver

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