June 1, 2015: The Duke

The man walked with a kind of grace that you would except from a cat on a fence or a squirrel running along a power line.
His smile was wide and contagious.
He would bow low to all the men that he passed.
Blew kisses to all the women.

He moved down the street like royalty.
People moved out of his way.
They seemed happy to do it.

He was crossing the street in front of me. He stopped suddenly.
There was a beautiful woman coming his way.
He turned to look at me and winked. A wink that seemed to say “Nothing can stop me now.”

He bowed deep and deftly got on one knee in front of the strange woman.
He took her hand.

Yes. You. I’m going to love you.
I’m going to hold you.
When you are my girl, no one can hurt you.
We will share paradise!

The woman stood with eyes wide and mouth open.
She didn’t pull her hand back.
The man looked up at her from his place in the middle of the road.

Cars honked.
People gathered on the sidewalk, watching the strange spectacle.

I’m not sure what she said.
Her words seemed to perplex him.
He knelt in silence.
Finally he spoke.

Why? Because I’m the Duke of Earl!

The woman laughed and pulled her hand away and began to cross the street.

The man got to his feet, dusted off his pants, and continued to walk down the street, bowing and blowing kisses.

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