June 3, 2015: Mudville

Somewhere in this world the sun is shining.
Somewhere, people are in love.
I’m sure somewhere a child is laughing.

But when the large man walked into the room, there wasn’t a sound made.

His eyes moved around the room, giving a look that seemed to say “I’ve given you all and now I’m nothing.”

Some people whispered out boos and wisecracks. They made lewd gestures behind his back.
I asked him if it gets to him, why he doesn’t retaliate.

That ain’t my style.

He sat next me. His shoulders huge. The chair creaked underneath him.

You can’t keep things like this in your heart. Failures. Disappointment. It’s not healthy. It’s no way to live.

Don’t let any one put their dreams on your shoulders.

You can only do what you do. If you fail? You fail and you learn and you move on with that knowledge. Hopefully it helps you in the future. But it’s no use dwelling on it for too long. Don’t become trapped in failure.

He leaned back and motioned for the waiter. He ordered the Three Strikes and your Omelette.

He ate in silence. After his entrance, no one bothered him, no one even looked his way. The boos seemed like a knee jerk reaction. Something the town had developed into a tic.

Joy had left Mudville once, but this mighty man wasn’t going to let that stop him from enjoying his three egg omelette.

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