The swan dropped from the sky and fell into the water.
There was no splash.
Just a small hole in the water’s surface, slowly filling back up.

The swan shot from the water into the air, its feathers catching the sun.
Back down into the water.

I could hear screams. Something was crying.

Clouds began to gather over head.
The swan kept diving.
It would stay under for longer periods each time.

Loud thunder.
Thunder that you feel in your bones.

The swan swims to shore.
There is a faint light, glowing somewhere under the ocean.

“I’m practicing.
It’s why I’m a swan.
It’s why I am one of the 88.”

Two other swans swam to the shore.
One  with its chest puffed out, locking its eyes onto mine.

“Don’t worry about that. He’s just upset he was beat. And the other…oh man, is he a party pooper.”

The first swan shook water off its feathers and seemed to recline beside me.

“I nearly lost my best friend. You would like him. He’s a bit of a hot head, at times, but he has a brilliant personality.
I saved him.
This is what I get…this is what keeps me going.”

He honked, flew straight up, then straight back down into the water.

The sun peeked out from behind the clouds.

The water seemed to boil.
The swan flew back out and kept going up, and up, and up…until it disappeared into the sun.

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