August 24, 2015: Like A Rock

She sat there. Still. Cold. Her eyes looked through me. Bored, restless. 

“Forgive the tears. No matter how hard I try, they don’t stop.”

She played with little rocks. Fourteen of them. She lined them up and marveled at them. 

She ran her fingers over each rock, whispered names, wiped tears. 

“Never brag about what you have. Especially to those who do not have it. You can be proud…it’s hard not to be. But there is a fine line…”

Her eyes went to the sun, cursing it. 

“Be happy for what you have. Strive for better. Especially when it comes to yourself. Always look forward, but do not take the present moment for granted.”

She reached out and touched my cheek. Her finger tips hard and cold. 

“Everything can leave you, quick as an arrow. So hold tight to what you love, to who you love. Never let go.”

I left her, playing with her fourteen rocks and wiping tears. 

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