Like A Rock: Part 2

I caught them in a park. Sitting on a bench, slightly turned away from each other.

They reached for each other’s hand at the same time, fingers interlocking, smiling in different directions.

They spoke softly. Laughing and nodding.
Communication through light touches and caresses.

They closed their eyes when they kissed.
They put their foreheads together, their fingertips exploring each other’s cheeks, throats, arms…

They leaned on each other, back to back, reading poems, stories, jokes, parts of interviews they found interesting.

You could hear in their voices they loved each other.

“I wish I could see your eyes.”
“I wish I could see yours too, but you know the rules.”

He smiled, nodded, leaned back and kissed her shoulder.
She smiled, too, and tucked a snake back under her hat.


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