August 28, 2015: Migraine

His scream shook the heavens.
Clouds trembles, lightning flashed across the sky – reaching the ground, electric trees.
Rain fell in torrents, swallowing cities and their inhabitants.

The pain became so unbearable he could not keep form. His skin turned to scales and his tongue slithered out. Feathers sprouted from his shoulders. Gill grew and disappeared and reappeared again.

He cradled his head, screaming out thunder, his family gathered and watching.

Between each scream an owl could be heard, it’s hoots sounding like laughter.

The man’s stomach began to ache.
Each family member suggested remedies, cures.
His wife, with a stern face, held a cool cloth to his forehead.

His cries became louder, painful. Blood began to drip from my ears.

One of his family had enough. I don’t know what they were hoping for, but they took a giant hammer to his head.
The swing was strong and swift.
The crack of his skull silenced the world.
The heavens opened and he lay on the ground.

He began to drool. An idiot.
The owl flew away.

My head began to hurt. I followed the owl and left the chamber.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a beautiful woman, crowned in glory and intelligence – the owl resting on her shoulder.


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